A key benefit of each educational opportunity we provide is the connection to a private community to encourage engagement of participants.

Whether you are registered in the Zoom in with series, a micro training module, or the building operator program, each one will connect to a private community that you can use to engage with other participants.

You can post comments regarding an interview. Review comments from others. Or engage in a discussion with the presenter and other participants. Through the added engagement with others, the value of a given session gets amplified by the additional knowledge gained via the community interactivity.


How to Register

For the program specific communities there is no cost, other than the initial registration fee, for the program itself. The private community is an added benefit to the program as a whole. Information will be provided to you on how to join the private community when you register for a program.

If you're currently registered for an educational product but not registered for a community, send us an email and we will get you up and running.