Learner-Centric VS Content Oriented Professional Development

Moving away from one-size-fits-all programs, we will engage the learner in ways that will allow you to access your experiences, work environment and technology in order to maximize the investment in time and money you will make toward your education. Each product we offer, regardless of length, will be structured to enhance your capabilities in a specific way that will, in turn, lead to increases in your personal job performance and satisfaction which, invariably, will lead to an improvement in your organization's results.

Micro training — acknowledging the changing role of training in 2020 — offers individuals education on products, trends or skills that can be accessed where and when you want it. We will adhere to a model of providing these short, concise training modules rather than focus on the more traditional programs comprised of lengthy structured courses on broad topics.

An equally important part of our product selection will be to offer you a single product price along with a subscription model. This structure will allow you to access all the training available rather than just a single product. You will be able to choose the content you want to access today, or when it best serves your needs.

Building Operators

For Building Operators, we will be launching an innovative evidence-based platform which certifies job specific knowledge.

This platform recognizes that you bring a wealth of knowledge from your prior experience or education and allows you to demonstrate that knowledge in a variety of ways. It supports your training journey by providing you with resources to enhance your knowledge as well as a means by which to verify your knowledge though short quizzes and real-time video uploads from your phone. This platform is interactive, and engaging!

Complementing the platform, will be our private virtual community of like-minded individuals working globally on the same program.