Property & Facility Management

Today's training requirements differ from the more traditional in-class conferences or seminars typically delivered by organizations. PMIC  developed a number of short on-line modules on topics of interest, relevant to your needs today.

  • Short concise training modules.
  • Access when you want it.
  • Available on a variety of devices from a desktop computer to your phone.

We have suspended the development of property management specific sessions in order to focus on developing our Building Operator Designation program. However, you can view some of the sessions we had created on relevant topics.

Program Benefits


Our Zoom in with... series of thought leadership interviews with influential subject matter experts, will increase your awareness and understanding of relevant trends impacting the sector.


Job Performance
The transfer of this increased capability will result in being able to better anticipate changes that will impacting your buildings and enable you to adjust accordingly, leading to improved building performance.


Organizational Results
Achieving elevated job performance outcomes will result in improved metrics for the organizations bottom line.

Zoom in with...

Enjoy our interviews on relevant topics:

Rent Abatement - Making the best of a bad situation
Zoom in with: Peter Willmott, CPM

What is the new business normal? Many businesses, have yet to return to their offices with working at home, either full time or most of the time becoming the norm. While manufacturing and other sectors returned to a physical workplace, for many sectors where the physical location of their employees allowed flexibility, they adapted to either a work at home or modified schedule.

While the challenges of the pandemic have been thrust upon property managers for months, there will be more challenges to come as lease agreements come up for renewal. There has been pressure put on landlords to renegotiate lease agreements to help prop up businesses in order to maintain tenants and this will continue for months to come as lease renewals come due.

Peter Willmott experienced the last recession and recognizes many of the issues that landlords and property management teams are faced with today. Peter discusses measures that can be taken and issues that need to be addressed as property managers deal with tenants and the issue of rent abatements.

Contracting out Real Estate Management Expertise
Zoom in with: Peter Willmott, CPM

Companies are facing unprecedented challenges — with financial uncertainty and operational issues around office and building design — that will require changes to accommodate social distancing requirements. Coupled with this is the fact that management may not have the required staffing levels or expertise to be able to effectively respond to these challenges. One solution to the extraordinary workload property management is experiencing is accessing the talents of real estate professionals who are in the twilight of their careers. With specific job tasks that require an experienced hand, management can access this talent pool, thus acquiring the required skills to resolve specific projects within a finite time period.

Peter Willmott discusses how companies can tap into this talent pool to help manage their current situation or to fulfill specific tasks.

Spring and Idle Time Start Ups brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis
Zoom in with: Patrick Racine Regional Vice-President of DuBois Chemicals

The COVID-19 crisis is having a dramatic impact on our world today with businesses shutting down. Because of this, there are issues that Building Management professionals will be facing as we slowly begin to return to work. One of these is that of the stagnant water in cooling towers and other water dispensers that could lead to serious health issues in the form of legionella.

Patrick Racine will be discussing why proper equipment start-up will be so critical as building management begins to ramp back up to full loads in their buildings?