Property Management Institute of Canada

PMIC Benefits

Access professional development from anywhere and at any time through PMIC. Our platform allows you to connect, engage and expand your knowledge in trends impacting the sector via your computer, tablet or phone.

The focus of our programs will be the virtual delivery of professional development through our platform.


Connecting with colleagues across Canada in one of our communities will allow you to share information and locate information on topics of interest and trends impacting the sector. You can benefit from one of our free open communities or one of our closed communities by registering for one of our programs connected to a community.

Communities Overview

Virtual Conference

We will deliver much needed professional development on trends impacting the sector through our virtual conference. Delivering content that is leading edge and thought provoking you can participate in our virtual conferences from anywhere at your convenience using your phone, tablet or computer. As a registrant, you will also have access to a closed community supporting the conference enabling you to engage with both speakers and participants. 

Conference Overview


We will focus on delivering micro training modules dealing with specific areas of interest or specific skill based/ knowledge categories. These on-line modules will target all levels of property and/or facility management. 

Engage with our Zoom in with... series of interviews on trending topics impacting the sector.

Building Operators can access an innovative evidence-based skills and knowledge validation platform, which provides access to training as well as a platform enabling Operators to demonstrate their skills/ knowledge through the use of such tools as interactive video.

Education Overview

Program Value

A cornerstone of all our products will be the adherence to a philosophy of providing value to both the individual and organization. Each product, be it a community or a professional development opportunity, will need to demonstrate value in each area.


Those engaging in a program will have gained a greater…


Job Performance
The transfer of this increase in capability results in the improvements in job performance.


Organizational Results
Achieving elevated job performance outcomes will result in improved metrics for the organizations bottom line.

Check out the Product Benefits as each product will document the outcomes for improved capability, job performance and organizational results.