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Welcome to the BOMA BC Community where you can engage with industry colleagues, as well as view our webinars and keynotes for property managers, and webinars specifically for building operators (QBT Sessions).

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PMIC Open Forum Community  

A broad based community that encourages discussion on a broad array of topics impacting the sector. Discuss issues of concern on trends in the sector, post articles and links to additional resources in response to questions posted by fellow colleagues.

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Security & Risk Management  

PMIC has created a community for those interested in Security & Risk Management. You can access professional development courses and interviews as well as engage with others interested in Security & Risk Management.

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Zoom in Interviews - Preview  

Zoom in Interviews provides you access to informative interviews by subject matter experts. Our 15 minute interviews deal with topical issues. Take 15 minutes to watch, and post questions to the presenter and your fellow colleagues and advance your awareness and knowledge.

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