We provide a mixture of open and closed communities.


The communities will be opened on March 1st. At that time, you will be able to register for open and available closed communities 

There will be an open industry community as well as several topic specific communities - Disaster Management, Safe Buildings, OH & S, etc. 

The closed communities are tied to a either membership in a host organization or a specific program/service. Once you register for one of these programs, you will receive an email inviting you to register for the specific community. Once you have accepted the invitation, your profile will be updated and you will be granted access to the closed community.

Note that some of the communities are date sensitive, and an end date for your participation in the community will be noted when you join.

Continue to monitor the site as we will be adding topic specific communities as we identify interest in a specific area.


Individuals who engage in the communities, will receive “engagement points.” These points can then be later redeemed for rewards, which can be used for discounts on programs, or access to specific events which are restricted to our “high engagers.”