How It Works

You must register to get access to a community. Registration information will be provided when we announce the launch of a community. For closed communities you will receive an invitation via email when you register for a program or you hold membership in a hosting organization.

Some of the features you can expect to benefit from within this platform include: 

  • Informed Content: You will have the ability to stay informed about members only issues in BOMA Local Members only Communities, get access to professional development opportunities through our Zoom in with broadcasts.

  • Intuitive forums: You will be able to communicate and connect on important topics with industry colleagues via the device you're most comfortable with — computer, phone, or tablet.

  • Resource sharing: You will have access to attachments posted to discussions through our archive in a dedicated Resource Library. You can also add documents to share anytime you want.

Daily Digest

As a member of a community you will receive a Daily Digest by email. The Digest contains the previous day’s activity. For those who initiate a discussion, you will receive threads to your post in real time as they are posted. If you belong to more than one community, rather than receive multiple emails, you can opt to receive a Consolidated Digest that includes posts from all of the communities you are enrolled in.