Virtual Conferences

Thought Leadership Conferences

89_low_1024x1024_2x.jpgOur Thought Leadership Conferences are intended to be thought-provoking and forward-thinking, looking at what trends have been realized and what might emerge in the coming years.

How will we prepare for the changes in technology as smart buildings and smart cities evolve reflecting a radical departure from the historical norms? How do we cope with climate change, disaster planning, building security, and artificial intelligence with respect to how buildings are built and managed?

The Thought Leadership Conferences are virtual and available on-line over a specific period of time, wrapping up with a live portion allowing for interaction with panelists.

With time being a precious commodity today, what better way to expand a conference's ability to attract thought leaders to participate and delegates to engage than with an event that does not require either party to travel.

Engage with the marketplace from the convenience of your office or home while tackling evolutionary issues of leadership as our world changes and adapts.

Program Benefits


Those taking part in one of our conferences can increase their awareness and understanding of the specific issues covered by the conference.


Job Performance
The transfer of this increased capability can result in improvements in job performance through the implementation of solutions which improve building performance.


Organizational Results
Achieving elevated job performance outcomes may then result in improved metrics for the organization's bottom line.