Virtual Conferences

Value of the Thought Leadership Conferences

Benefits of a Virtual Conference

The strength of a professional development conference is in the programming. However, other factors influence the overall benefit of the program as well. Travel and time commitment are two significant constraints on the value of a conference.

If the cost to attend the conference — either in terms of registration fees or travel costs — are excessive, it diminishes the return you might receive on attending. For many, it puts it out of reach.

Eliminating these and other issues enables a virtual conference to be streamed to you regardless of where you are, and allows you to access it when you want. The two-week program means that over the two weeks you can access the conference content and engage with others doing the same thing.

The engagement of delegates then culminates in a live webinar where you can interact with subject matters experts addressing the conference theme in a 1-hour panel discussion.

Global & Eco-Friendly

Staying at home minimizes your carbon footprint and reduces your costs, while increasing your access to professional development opportunities on your own schedule.

Providing the same high-level professional development and content value, our virtual conferences can also expand the engagement you experience with others by allowing you to connect with a broad spectrum of delegates from across the country.

Identifying others with similar interests and concerns, delegates can engage and interact through the communities offered by our virtual conferences.


  • Expand your knowledge
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your travel commitment
  • Maximize the use of your time
  • Attend the conference when you’re available
  • Engage globally and not leave home